Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am just not feeling very thankful today.

Dr. M’s uncle Lee (his father’s brother) died this week, and we can’t be there to support the family.

My doctor’s office wanted me to schedule a follow-up appointment regarding the blood work they did last week. Fortunately I’m going today so I don’t have to fret all weekend. It’s probably my cholesterol. Damn cookies. Heh.

Periodically I have bouts of feeling extremely incompetent. This is one of those times. I know that it’s an illusion, because if I look at everything logically I’m no more incompetent than usual (which actually means that I’m fairly competent). But logic is just not on my agenda right this minute. Next week will be better.

I was a shoplifter yesterday & didn’t know it. I purchased some items at Staples (I know you’re dying to know: ink cartridges, wrist rests for my keyboard & mouse, and a new lap desk for my mini laptop). When I got home & looked at the receipt I realized that the lap desk wasn’t on there. The cashier didn’t ring it up. Oops. So now I have to deal with that. I briefly entertained the notion of pretending that I didn’t catch the error, but I’m such a darn goody two shoes. Sigh.

Well, I feel a little better having written all this down. So I reckon I’m thankful for that! What are you guys thankful for today?


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the death, also about you begin recalled to the doc's office.

    Feelings are not rational, so even though your mind can work it out, sometimes the heart continues to pulse with whatever energy it is, translated by you in this case as feeling incompetent.

    You don't have to be grateful every Thursday or ANY Thursday for that matter. Just be who you are. That is always enough.

    Love to you.

  2. All your bio-rhythms must be down. Sorry to hear about the uncle.

  3. Sorry to hear about another loss in Dr. M's family. You all have really had a go of it this last couple of weeks.

    I guess you can be thankful the dr's office cares enough to look at details and that you don't have to fret all weekend!

    The days we feel "ick" are the days that we do need to just lean back into the always competent arms of God. And we all have those days. Around here we call it spiraling.

    Staples -- you can be thankful that you'll need to go back. You can bless someone with your joy. I find it always lifts me when someone is surprised that I've returned to make something like this right. Clearly, they expect the worst of people, and when you show up to dispel that expectation, you really bless them.

    So ... what am I thankful for? Your words. Perspective is good!

  4. Sorry to hear about another death in the family.

    I'm thankful...that I am fortunate enough to have air conditioning and can afford the increased utility bills when they come.

  5. I am thankful that there are people out there like yourself who also return things to shops when there is an error. I worked in shops as a student and still remember the horror of the till not balancing at the end of the day.
    I believe in 'karma' so your good deed should bring happiness. Good luck with the tests and sorry to hear about your relative's death.

  6. I agree with SouthLakesMom--Imagine the lift you will give the clerk/cashier/manager at Staples when you go back to pay for the omitted lap desk. They will be so happy and surprised and affirmed. That sort of positive feeling will radiate back to you and you will be uplifted as well. I guarantee you will feel happier that day.

    Don't ever apologize for "feeling your feelings" is my motto. There they are. Deal with them, wallow a moment or two if you must, but validate them. They are there for a reason. There's no shame in being a feeling person.

  7. I'm thankful I'm not the only goody-two-shoes in the world. Goodie-Two-Shoes UNITE! Power to the chronically honest (or at least to the chronically-feel-guilty-when-I'm-not-honest). :P

  8. I'm having fun with cholesterol too! No more bacon butties for me!

    I too would probably have to go back to the store and insist on paying for the lap-desk - honesty, it seems, does (have to) pay (up).

  9. My condolenses to Dr M and yourself, by the way.

  10. Once again, my condolences to you and your family.

  11. Sorry you're having a terrible horrible no good very bad day. When you wake up tomorrow, at least you can be thankful for that!

  12. I've done stuff like the accidental shoplifting, too. The last time I did it, it was for a 12-pack of cokes. The guilt would've eaten me alive if I hadn't taken care of it.


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